T-Bag Conversion kit Project

by MikeGrow3698
Ok, So it has been a while since we updated you on our projects.

We just sourced a donor bike to fit a new "Low Cost" entry level kit onto. The Bike was a secondhand MTB off ebay and the conversion kit is a sample for evaluation.

We will be fitting the kit in the next few days and will post our review and spec. etc. when completed.

Once fitted to the bike we will test out the range and power etc. by riding the daily commute of 20 miles each way to the office. Hope the battery lasts out over that distance :)
T-Bag handlebar battery kit fitted. We did this in less than an hour and took out for a test ride. The bike feels good and handles well with the battery in this position.

The power of the hub motor is pretty good and pulled me up the steep hills around the North downs.

Will upload video and full review in the next couple of days. So far thogh, have to say that we are impressed with this entry level kit.

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  • MikeGrow3698
    26th October 2015

    Just a quick note to let you know that we have been riding the bike with the T-Bag kit for a few days now. We will post a full review after we have tested it over a couple of months.

    So far though….. Looking good 🙂

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