Panda UK 48V 1000W rear wheel kit

by MikeGrow3698

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After getting a 48V bottle battery for the Giant Rapid we managed to get a 48V 1000W rear wheel kit from Panada bike UK. This thing is just awesome!

Took about an hour to fit and then the fun happened. I took the bike for a spin up the north downs (watch video below) and this kit really packs a punch. I have tried and failed on a few occasions to reach the top of the north downs without having to get off and push. After fitting this 48V 1000W kit I attempted the climb and to my surprise I got to the top without any problems. This kit is just amazing and really packs a punch.

If you are looking for something to put a smile on your face this is it. visit panda bike uk and grab one of these kits before they sell out.

Good value, good kit and good fun. If we had to mark this kit we would give 120% as it is so easy to install and really packs a punch when you are riding. Remember that it is 1000W, so not road legal and you would have to use it in level one assist to make legal if you are using it on the road.

Off road it is great at level 5 :)

Test ride up North Downs

This kit ROCKS!
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  • tony
    3rd November 2015

    what a dude

  • MikeGrow3698
    3rd November 2015

    Thanks Tony. So much fun riding around here with the Leccy bikes 🙂

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