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Electric bike sales around the world

by MikeGrow3698
Take a moment to check out the levels of sales of e-bikes over the last few years in Europe and Asia. There are some amazing levels of growth in China and India, but in the UK and some other countries the take up of electric bikes appears to have dropped off a bit in 2012 and this gives a pretty good idea of the current levels. I am guessing this is due to the credit crunch and global economy problems? Lets hope that it picks up again as our economies recover.   by nikkidavis.

Electric bike test ride

by MikeGrow3698
Just got the final pieces together to complete the conversion and took the bike out for a spin. Was impressed with the pull of the 1000W motor on the Dillenger kit and battery consumption was pretty good too. Only did a short 16 mile round trip to try it out. Plenty of battery when I got home and overall performance was good. Pulling about 28 up hills I generally manage to ride up manually on the Giant rapid at about 8 – 12 mph, so pretty good:) Two things came to light on the ride that will require some sorting […]

What is an e-bike?

by MikeGrow3698
Because of the kind of overwhelming response that electric bicycles are receiving, the other forms of technologically advanced bikes are setting a momentum. Special mention needs to be given to bikes like electric mountain bikes, hybrid electric bike and electric assist bike that are creating a huge buzz. These bikes are designed to ensure better performance of your e bike so that you can get enough of what you are paying to purchase them. And you will be thrilled to learn that they are not too expensive and are worth every dime you spend on it. You have probably heard […]