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I chose to check out electric bicycles since I wanted to conserve cash on my commute, however was fed up of needing to change and shower when I came to work. I really liked the bike I currently had so chosen to investigate electric bike conversions instead of purchasing a new bike and was really happy with the service Electric Bike builder gave.

Andy M.
Tonbridge, UK.
I encountered Electric Bike Builder whilst browsing around online forums for help with electric kits. After seeing a number of practical posts by the company helping people troubleshoot their ebike conversions, I looked them up and discovered their website. I was impressed by how swiftly they responded to all of my concerns.

Jane B.
Maidstone, UK
The guidance Electric Bike Builder offered me was area on - also I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the kit when it arrived, even much better than I anticipated..

Andrew R.
Sevenoaks, UK
The build quality of the ebike that these guys produce is second to none. Thanks for delivering a great money saving bike!..

Lucas P.
Maidstone, UK
After my introduction to the world of e-bikes a few years ago I have caught the bug and would like to share my experiences and thoughts.

My first e-bike was the Wisper 905SE and I have to say.... I was impressed. This bike worked without fault taking me on my 40 mile daily commute to / from work. This was until I discovered that bikes and ice on the road are a dangerous mix :)

I managed to fall off on a roundabout after hitting a patch of ice and was lucky none of the rush hour traffic hit me while I was down. After getting my bike transported home and giving it a thorough going over, I came to the conclusion that it was basically a write off and could never be used for the 40 mile commute again.

This was early 2014. Move on to Aug / Sept 2014 and things have taken a giant leap forward. I now have a Giant Rapid 2 alloy, light weight bike and love it.

With my electro-mechanical enginering background I decided to research ebikes and build them myself. There is a lot more to this than I first thought and it is a big subject to learn. Thankfully I have made contact with several good contacts in the trade that have helped fill any gaps I had in my knowledge and can now boast a good working knowledge when it comes to assembling electric bikes.

First conversion was a "Dillenger 1000W e-bike conversion kit" that turned the Giant Rapid 2 into a great little commuter.

Read the post on the conversion click here

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Mike Edmonston
Position, Owner E.B.B.
Lisa B.
Position, Inspiration
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